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Lunatic Rave 2 Guide for Starters

Setting up Lunatic Rave 2 (LR2) is quite easy. It doesn't take long, and you only have to do it once. This includes creating an account, changing some settings, and then loading songs into LR2,

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5. Playing LR2

Downloading LR2

Go to and click on  to begin the download. After downloading, extract the files to any location.

Before setting up LR2, first we will need some songs.

I will be posting another tutorial for downloading songs. For starters, you can download a few songs here:

You can download any song you want. I downloaded 星の器~STAR OF ANDROMEDA. This song is not for beginners, but you can download it too just so we have the same file. More info about difficulty levels will soon be posted.

After downloading the song, create a folder in the LR2 folder and name it NewSong (You can name it anyway you want). Inside the NewSong folder, extract the files. The folder should now contain a folder of the song you just downloaded.

Setting Up LR2

The LR2 folder should contain these files.

Run LR2.exe so we could begin setting it up. This is the only file that you would need to run. Since this is your first time running LR2, it would show you an account creation window.

Simply enter the ID you want on the ID field, and the Password.

For the sake of the tutorial, I have created an account ID "test9918". Leave the checkbox alone.

Press OK to create the account. Another window would pop out. Press OK.

The next window to pop up should be the same as the image below.

At first, the text would not be in English. Just select the Language tab on top and select English.

We can now finally begin setting up LR2.

Follow the settings in the picture above for the MAIN tab. 

Song Reload - Setting the Song Reload to Manual is better, as it is less buggy (in my experience).
InternetRankings - To enable InternetRankings (IR), click those 3 checkboxes at the bottom. This will allow you to submit your records online.
Window Mode - This should be self-explanatory. Remove the check if you want to play in full screen.
Window Size - If you are going to play in window mode, this is the size LR2 will be using. I recommend to set the size to a ratio of 4:3. (Such as 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768)

Move to the JUKEBOX1 Tab. 

This is where you set the directories of your songs.

Click the Add button on the bottom left of the screen, and choose the folder that contains your songs. Note that you can also drag the folder in the white box, and it will automatically load it. After choosing a folder, a window will pop up.

Click Yes and wait for the folder to appear on the white box.

In my JUKEBOX1 Tab, I added a folder called "NewSong", which contains the song that I have downloaded (STAR OF ANDROMEDA in my case). You can add more than one directory here, which you absolutely should if you want to be organized. Once you have too many songs, dumping them in one folder will be too messy.

After doing the above, you should now be ready to play LR2!

Click Play to continue to the main game.

A new window will pop up.

Navigating LR2

 LR2 automatically starts loading new songs in this window. This window also shows your LR2ID (Mine says 082335). Wait for it to load until it says "PUSH ANY KEY". Pressing any key would continue you to the game itself.

This is the default interface. Remember the folder that we just added in the JUKEBOX1? LR2 loads it up and organizes the songs the same way you organized them in the folder.

Use the directinonal key (up, left, right, down arrow keys) to navigate.

Pressing Enter will navigate you inside the selected folder.

Inside the NewSong folder, you should see the song that you have just downloaded, and all the difficulties included in it.

In my case, it is showing STAR OF ANDROMEDA.

Before you begin playing, we have to set up our Key Config first.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see this panel.

Click the SYSTEM OPTION and a window (same as image below) should appear.

Click the KEY CONFIG found at the bottom of the window. This will move you to the Key Config screen.

You only need to set the keys on the left side of the screen. First, press F1 to clear all current key bindings. Then, click on the keys you want to configure and click one of the blank ( - ) bindings to highlight them. When they are highlighted, you can now press any key to bind them to that key.

Note that there are two scratch buttons. You only need to bind one scratch to a key.

From left to right, starting from the highlighted red button, this is my key config:

[Left Ctrl] [Left Shift] [Z] [X] [Space] [K] [L] [;]

I am using a USB keyboard, which only allows up to 6 simultaneous key presses. Luckily, this does not include modifier keys such as CTRL or SHIFT. Choosing that setup allows me to press all 8 keys at the same time.

If you pressed the wrong key by mistake, you can delete the binding by highlighting it and pressing the DEL key.

Once you area done setting it up, press ESC to return.

After setting up your keys, feel free to select a song and press ENTER to start playing that song.

Wait for the song to load. Most of the time would take a while, but that depends on how large the song is.

Test the keys that you have just configured to see if they are set properly.

You can press the up or down arrow key to increase / decrease Scroll Speed respectively. Note that Scroll Speed only changes how fast the notes go down on the playfield, and not the speed of the song.

Congratulations! You now know the basics of LR2.

More in-depth info will be available soon, so stay tuned~!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them!

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  1. Does anyone know a keyboard layout where you can hit notes and turntable notes at the same time? As in use 2 fingers for the turntable and hit notes as well? If notes come in big groups for the turntable as well as notes at the same time I cannot hit them at all.

    1. If you are using a USB keyboard, you would have to use 3 (yes!) modifier keys to be able to bypass the "6" key limit.

      You can use my setup, which is

      [LShift]ZX [space] KL:

      [LCtrl] for the turntable
      [LAlt] for another turntable

      Maybe you can check this link and see if other people's setup can help you

  2. My keyboard has 26 key rollover so the 6 key limit doesn't really matter to me, but I will comfortably mod your layout and see what works. (Beach side bunny here I come!) lol no