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LR2 Level And Difficulty Scales

In LR2, song difficulties have a specific level in their song page, identified by ☆/★ icon. Some songs are also  identified in scales to provide better difficulty levels. Scales in LR2 determines the chart style of a song, such as scratch songs, or long note songs.

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Most of the available scales can be found here in this site:

There's not really much to talk about, but I'll give a brief description of the scales that I know.

☆Normal - These are the easier songs in LR2. If you are a beginner, you'll be mostly playing these songs. This scale rarely have scratches and long notes.
★Insane - The harder songs. You could think of the Normal scale as the "getting ready for the real charts" scale. This rarely have scratches and long notes.
○Normal No2 - Basically the same as the Normal scale. This is another Normal scale that was made because of new songs. Think of this as Normal v2.
▼No2 - Insane v2.
Overjoy - Overjoy songs are the real hard charts. You'd have to spend a lot of years playing if you want to try challenging these songs. This scale has a handful of songs with scratches, since there are no Overjoys for the scratch scale.

◆LongNote - Songs that have long notes in them.
LN Overjoy - Overjoy version of the LongNote scale. This has been crossed out (discontinued).

◎ - Scratch songs.
●PMS - This scale is for 9k songs (Pop'n Music).

You can find the list of songs of the scale in their respective link in the stairway site, although you'll have to navigate them to find the list.

For the Normal and Insane scale, there is a list in genocide with links to their song page.
Normal Scale:
Insane Scale:


In LR2 Ranking Page, all the songs have a ☆/★ level set. They do not necessarily correspond to their ☆/★ levels. You can think of it as the universal level system of the songs.

You can find the page shown on the image here:

This lists all the songs in the site with ★ level set. Simply click on the SP number above to browse the songs in said level. Note that this is NOT an easy level 1 song. ★ levels are the equivalent the Insane scale already. If you want to find easier songs, you'll have to go for Normal Scales.

For example, the 約束 -HappyHyperStarmiX- (虎の穴) song page has this in it's level:

☆11 / ★1. See that while this is a ★1 Song, this is not really a beginner song (☆1).

There are also some songs with it's level tagged a bit differently, which doesn't really make sense.

As seen here, this song is set at ☆34 / ★3. You can also see the tags that it contains , which means "Disc", or "Scratch" in LR2's case. This isn't really as easy as other ★3 songs due to it's pattern having a lot of scratches.

With that in mind, I think Scales are a better indication of a chart's level.

Other Info

These things could tell you how well you can do, but there is a system in LR2 that tells you what your rank is by clearing courses. More info about courses and ranks will soon be posted.

Feel free to comment and ask questions! If you have more info about scales, please share them with us!

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